Friday, September 22, 2006

Welcome to Vanity Vault!

Welcome to Vanity Vault

The online Accessories store dedicated to meeting you self obsessive needs!

Here I shall answer some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why only make a maximum of 3 replicates? Or sometimes even one? *sniff sniff*
Well, I'm not the first to do this as many top designer brands only design certain goods in a single design and leave it to the masses to choose. I'm not comparing myself to a designer in anyway but isn't it a wonderful feeling say that 'I'm the only one who has this?' (Do excuse me, I'm a 'limited edition' and 'one and only' person myself :D)

Also I always can't keep stock of enough materials to even replicate the pieces. Pieces where you can see replicates of 3 would mean I only have that much stock of raw materials to make them.

2. Where do you get your materials from?
Anywhere and everywhere. Locally and most of them Imported(Australia, USA, South Africa, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Austria, India, you name it). I believe in exploring the world around me throughly and I love experimenting with different textures and materials.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from.
You wouldn't believe it if I told you. Everywhere... from architecture, to design, to cultural exchange, through books, via nature and even to a piece of juicy steak! (yes these were all sold and some of you are wearing them already)

4. Are your Swarovski Crystals authentic?
Most definitely. Swarovski crystals are imported from the Swarovski factory in Austria started by Daniel Swarovski.

5. When do I update?
On very random intervals. If I don't update means my computer has encountered a glitch or I've fallen sick which happens quite oftens XD . But no worries, I'm always well enough to produce new pieces.

Ok; so there are some pieces (a very small percentage) which actually can be duplicated. But this is HIGHLY DEPENDENT on two things

1. If there are materials left to reproduce


2. If intital buyers allow the piece to be reproduced.

The latter would very much take from hours to a few days as it takes time for to get to other people ya?

Send me a mail and ask me about the pieces you are interested in to the Yahoo! mail stated on the side bar

7. How do I order?
Send me a mail and ask me about the pieces you are interested in to the Yahoo! mail stated on the side bar

8. Can I give you suggestions or send you mail?
Yes of course :) Suggestions and comments are always welcomed. No spam please.


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