Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Description: Aethelwyne is a name which translates into the sentence, 'Friends of the elves'. Heck you can wear these and not only get jiggy with the Elves but maybe bag your own Legolas or so ^^. I personally love the intricacy of the Gold filigrees and the Transparent Mirror beads.

Vanity's recipe: Gold Emboss Leaf Filigrees, nylon coated gold wire, Mirror beads with gold rim coating in Green, green, black pearls and Aurora Borealis 4mm faceted Czech Glass beads in Black.

Olive highlighted beads, cubed glass beads, drop beads

M'sian Price: RM25.90

Singapore : SG$ 14.00

Sets Available: 1 set

---SOLD OUT!---


Blogger Raksha said...

I swear, woman. You're gonna be the death of me soon if you keep making such gorgeous trinkets. ARGH! Finances! Finances!

4:50 AM  

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