Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Description: I love the idea of entering a room with a beautiful piece of accessory and captivating the attention of people around me. This will do the exact same thing for you. Beautifully embossed gold plated metal frame dangling by centralised gold link chains. High shine facted teardrop black malachite beads add adorning flair to these earrings and the versatlie colours and size make it suitable to pair with any piece of clothing for any occassion.

Earrings measure approximately 6cm in length and 4cm across

Vanity's Recipe: Embossed patterened gold plated metal frame, gold link chains, facted tear drop black malachite beads (Semi Precious stone)

M'sian Price: RM45.90 each

Singapore : SG$ 28.00 each

Sets Available: 1 set

---SOLD OUT!---


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