Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hot Stuff - Earrings

Hot Stuff - Earrings

Description: A number that's bound to make you a little more red hot than you already are. I was running around the Southern part of Peninsula Malaysia as I stumbled on these adorable glass chilli beads. Wear them if you want to turn heads or if you want to acknowlege the fact that you're a real 'cili padi' kind of woman.

Measures approximately 5.8cm/2.3 inches in length and 3cm/1.2inches across

Vanity's recipe: Glass drop chilly shaped glass beads, 4mm faceted Swarovki crytals, Japanese seed beads in Bright RED Tomatoes, Marbled Beads.

M'sian Price: RM25.90

Singapore : SG$ 14.00

Sets Available: 1 set


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