Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Peacock Pride

peacock Pride

Description: Completely mesemerised by the architecture and colours of the ancient Mogul empire, I wanted to immerse modern fashion into a pot of old world charm. Peacocks were considered great majestic creatures demanding attention with their wonderful display of colours. Mixing the most popular and my most favourite beads, I pieced this bangle together. Attract more than enough attention with not only its looks; I've hooked on 5 charm bells for old river Indus sounds.

For wrist measurements 15cm and below.

Vanity's Recipe: Venetian Glass beads, 4mm swarovski crystals in Peacock colours, charm bells, Seed beads, Gold sphere beads, Cats eys beads, faceted coloured beads, Semi Precious stones (Malachite)

M'sian Price: RM35.90 each

Singapore : SG$ 28.00 each

Sets Available: 2 sets


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