Friday, November 10, 2006

Lavander Lush

Lavender Lush

Description: A side worn necklace which droops into an angled 'V' shape when worn across the neck.Not exactly the Lavender flowers but 3 kinds of petaled flowers with olice Swarovski crystals to mimic leaves all clustered to form the main piece. Two silver charmed butterflies nestle in between to taste the sweetness of the yellow faceted beads nectar.

Vanity's Recipe: Morning Glory and Periwinkle petals, Lilac Rosettes, Matte beads in Lilac and Lavender, Faceted yellow beads, AuroraBorealis coated Swarovski Crystals in Olive, 4mm Swarovski Crystals in Violet, Clear Rounded quartz beads

M'sian Price: RM35.90 each

Singapore : SG$ 28.00 each

Sets Available: 1 set


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