Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New African Queen

New African Queen

Description: Natural African Sea Turquoise blocks bonded inbetween intricate silver Celtic charms. Threaded round with an adequately patterned toggle clasp, this large funky piece is easily pulled off with people going bohemian.

Vanity's Recipe: Gold nylon coated wire, gold crimps, silver Celtic charms, patterned Toggle, 4cmX4cm African Sea Turquoise blocks.

M'sian Price: RM75.90 (ask me why this price)

Singapore : SG$ 40.00

Sets Available: 1 set

---SOLD OUT!---


Blogger carol said...

haha hi april =)

lemme guess - the african sea turqoise blocks?? =D

gorgeous. out of my budget though haha ...


10:08 PM  

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